Monday, July 11, 2011

Mimi's clock

Look what came in the mail !

Mimi sent me a parcel recently. 

And it was her ikea clock, that had the same thing happen to it as my old clock :P 

So I dismantled it, cleaned it out, and gave it a nice coat of paint. Actually it was about 5 light layers. I seem to have this problem though, of bugs constantly commiting suicide wherever I paint. Whenever I come back to check on the paint, there would have been atleast one bug that decided to end its life by adhering itself to the wet paint. I thought working in the day time would help, when there are less bugs around, but not really. They just like to die by paint I guess.

When the paint is dry on both front and back surfaces of the clock, I put in the printed clock pattern Mimi chose, and assemble the clock together. I pretty much used the same clock template as my own and then replaced the background.

And here's a test to see which beads worked. Between the pearls and the golden beads, the gold kinda brings out the colours best.

The final product!

Hope you like it, Mimi!


  1. so pretty! <3

    and love that little anecdote on the insect's choice of death.

  2. A fatal attraction, the bug and paint.

  3. So pretty. How you able to find a clock template so match?

  4. still laughing about the bug thing >.< hee-la-ri-yus!!!
    seriously though, you did well on your clocks.